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What is Snoring?

Snoring is the sound that is heard when air movement is obstructed during breathing while an individual is sleeping.  It is estimated that almost 45% of adults snore occasionally while 25% snore on a more consistent basis.  Snoring is one of the leading signs of obstructive sleep apnea and can lead to light sleep and significant fragmented sleep. In many cases, snoring not only interferes with just your sleep quality but also your significant others. 

Snoring can be caused by blocked nasal airways, bulky throat tissue, long uvula, weakened soft palate and can be worsened with alcohol and drug use. 

What are the risks of sleep apnea?

New data is indicating that snoring itself can lead to health problems.  Chronic snoring has been shown to increase the risk of carotid atherosclerosis which can lead to stroke.   Sleep deprivation is also a common symptom of chronic snoring due to the frequent awakenings and light sleep which can lead to daytime drowsiness, agitation and work/school performance issues. 

How is snoring diagnosed & treated?

Snoring is usually informed to an individual by their significant other or by people living with them.  If you sleep alone, the best way to determine if you snore is to use a smartphone app.  

Treatments include lifestyle changes, snoring aids, adjusting your position in sleep and possibly positive airway pressure devices if you also have obstructive sleep apnea along with your snoring. 

Dr. Singh, Dr. Grewal and Rademacher have helped thousands of patients improve their quality of life by diagnosing, treating and managing their sleep apnea. 

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