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Millions of people suffer from sleep issues yet good quality sleep is essential to our well being and all aspects of life.  From a friendly and warm staff, to our expert physicians, rest assured you will be in good hands as our dedicated team strives to improve your quality of life through restful and sound sleep.

Our Mission

At Sleep Medicine Specialists of California, we offer sleep solutions equipped for the modern world with access to cutting edge diagnostic tests, turn-key interpretations, easy access telemedicine visits, and a complete array of treatment options catered to the needs of each individual patient so you can Live Better and Sleep Better. Forever.

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We are situated in the heart of the Tri Valley in San Ramon, California. Located on the San Ramon Regional Medical Campus, we are a comprehensive sleep disorders center – treating patients from across the US using modern technology and state of the art diagnostics.

Services We Provide:

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In-Lab Sleep Studies

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Insurances We Accept

We provide sleep studies for a majority of all insurance carriers. Please contact us for a complimentary check of benefits. If you do not have insurance, we can make accommodations.

COVID Procedures

Sleep experts equipped for the modern world with access to cutting edge diagnostic tests, turn-key interpretations, easy access/user friendly telemedicine visits, and a complete array of treatment options catered to the needs of each, individual patient!

Our Experts Are Here to Help You Sleep Soundly

Together our staff has over 10 years experience in the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders in pediatric, adult and geriatric populations. Our staff includes two board certified sleep specialists, a physician assistant and highly trained and experienced polysomnography technologists.

I personally find nothing more rewarding than improving my patient's quality of life after treating their sleep disorders properly.

Excellent quality sleep is the secret to wellness.

Our Friendly & Warm Staff



Practice Administrator &
Billing Manager

Tamra has been with our office since 2011. She brings an extensive knowledge of insurance to our team. Her reliable follow through will leave you at ease and you can rest assured your billing inquiries will be responded to promptly.

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Lead Front
Office Administrator

Janelle has been with our office since 2020. She is the bright face you’ll see when you enter our office. Whether you’re calling, emailing, or texting our office, Janelle will ensure that your questions are answered.



Jordan has been with our office since 2023. She is the main back office medical assistant who is involved in checking you in for your appointments, making sure orders are sent out appropriately on your behalf, tackling day to day issues as well as performing various other duties to make sure her patients are treated with the best of care.



Sleep Study

Shay has been with our office since 2019. She is an integral part of our practice, whether you are scheduling an in lab study or a home sleep study you are in good hands. Shay will be your point of contact and ensure that all your questions are answered in a timely fashion.

Available In All 50 States

We are licensed in all 50 states to assist patients with any sleep concerns via video appointments and state of the art home sleep testing diagnostics.

Our highly experienced physicians and staff can get to the root of your sleeping problems. We have the expertise to evaluate, diagnose and treat sleep-related disorders and get your life back on track. Call us today at (925) 415-5353 for an evaluation.

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Our experts are here to help you
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The impact of poor sleep is significant and can lead to serious health concerns.  
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