What To Expect

At Sleep Medicine Specialists of California, we strive to provide prompt, transparent, patient-centered care to patients across the United States. We look forward to working with your office to provide a seamless transition of care. We are open to any suggestions that may streamline the workflow between our offices. Please feel free to email us at registration@sleepmds.com or call/text us at (925) 415 – 5353.


Please submit our referral form

You’re welcome to submit this form through our website. 


Contacting the patient

Upon submission of our referral form, our intake team will contact the patient within 24 hours to schedule an appointment. We will walk the patient through our intake process and make sure they have everything they need to be successful during their first visit with one of our providers.


Sending clinical notes

After their new patient consultation is complete, we will send a copy of the clinical note to the referring provider’s office. Upon request, our intake team can send a weekly status update via email or fax that denotes where your patients are located within our referral process.