Cutting-Edge Services


We provide individual sleep consultations with our board certified sleep specialists via video conference in all 50 states. We will evaluate your concerns, review your test findings and provide recommendations.

Home Sleep Testing

We offer state of the art disposable sleep tests that can be mailed directly to the patient’s home.

In-Lab Studies

We are partners with Tri-Valley Sleep Center (TVSC) conveniently located on our facility. If our experts recommend an in-house sleep study to diagnose your sleep concerns, we will set you up with an in-lab sleep study.

Alternative Therapies

We offer alternative therapy for those who may be applicable. To learn more, please click the button below.

Allergy Testing

Untreated allergies can produce symptoms that would inhibit your airway when you sleep (stuffy nose, etc). Patients who need PAP therapy often acclimate to this therapy better if their allergies are well controlled.

Oral Appliances

We offer oral appliance fittings in our San Ramon office for the Somnoguard AP2 and Somnoguard SPX.