We are licensed in all 50 states to assist patients with any sleep concerns via video appointments and state of the art home sleep testing diagnostics.

We provide individual sleep consultations with our board-certified sleep specialists via video conference in all 50 states.  We will evaluate your sleep concerns, review your test findings and provide recommendations to improve your sleep health.

Insurance Info

We provide sleep studies for a majority of all insurance carriers. Please contact us for a complimentary check of benefits. If you do not have insurance, we can make accommodations.

Patient check-in flow:

Initial patient prompts on our HIPAA compliant video conferencing website

Waiting room and payment:

“Welcome! We are looking forward to helping you with your sleep and airway concerns. Before we meet, if applicable, you’ll be prompted to make the payment for your telemedicine visit and home sleep test. After our consultation, if we determine a home sleep test is not necessary, your payment method will be refunded. Thank you!”

There is the ability to chat via instant message with our team if you have any questions or concerns while in the waiting room

After the consultation is completed if there are any follow up items (scheduling a sleep study, follow-up appointment, etc) you will receive an additional phone call from our team to help triage these next steps.