“Dr. Grewal is one of the best doctors I’ve ever seen”

I consider myself to be one of the pickiest patients ever when it comes to selecting doctors, so I don’t say this lightly…Dr. Grewal is hands down one of the best doctors I’ve ever seen. I love that he tackled my sleeping woes from a holistic perspective instead of a band-aid type of approach. He took the time to understand my history and didn’t immediately jump to conclusions. He has a fantastic and compassionate bedside manner (a non-negotiable for me), and he practices progressive medicine; going above and beyond and following up our appointment having done research on how a recent trauma may be impacting my sleep. And finally, I love that he thought outside the box on every recommendation he provided. Dr. Grewal is a very rare find.

Tracye L.

“I’m extremely grateful to Dr. Singh and his office staff”

I had been suffering for years with severe sleep related health issues and decided to seek treatment and a 3rd opinion with Dr. Singh after seeing two other sleep specialists who were unable to provide me with an accurate diagnosis or provide me with the proper treatment options.

Dr. Singh was not only able to provide me with an accurate diagnosis quite quickly, he and his staff were able to seamlessly have all my necessary testing and treatments approved through my insurance company which was always a constant struggle for me before becoming a patient with them. Due to the pandemic, I was able to easily schedule all my appointments via tele doc and the office staff has always promptly replied to any of my inquiries or appointment requests. I’m extremely grateful to Dr. Singh and his office staff because I am finally feeling well and managed after a very long and difficult struggle with my sleep and health. 

Fudge R.

“I have never had to wait for an appointment”

Dr. Singh is my sleep doctor and I think he is really great. I have never had to wait for an appointment, always get right in. His bedside manner is very warm. I sure like him and I think you will too.

Cliff F.

“He took the time to really listen and trust what I had to say”

I was very impressed with Dr. Singh. After seeing numerous sleep doctors who were inconsistent, rushed and at times a little condescending, I was very frustrated with being unable to find a physician who seemed to genuinely want to help me. Up front, I am not a straight-forward case because I have a complex combination of sleep disorders that has made finding a solution to my daytime fatigue very difficult…namely sleep apnea and narcolepsy, among other issues. Some doctors do not want to deal with complicated cases because they are not a quick and easy fix, but this was not the case with Dr. Singh. He took the time to really listen to and trust what I had to say and took my preferences into account when making recommendations on finding a solution. He was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is struggling with a sleep disorder and frustrated with trying to find a trustworthy doctor to help them.

Katie F.

“Knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, the list goes on”

Knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, the list goes on. Dr. Singh is heaven-sent. I have seen many specialists over the past 25 plus years and have been misdiagnosed for about the same length of time. My first visit with Dr. Singh, based off of my symptoms and really listening to me, he was already confident that he knew what was wrong with me. He ordered a test that was never recommended in the past by any of the other doctors, to confirm. Results are in and he hit the nail on the head! I am now looking forward to the treatment that is going to get me up and running again!

Dorie B.

“I have never felt better than I do since meeting him”

I am so grateful for Dr. Singh’s expertise in diagnosing my narcolepsy. He is professional, thorough and kind in his approach. I have never felt better than I do since meeting him. He is an excellent doctor.

Ellen A.

“Listened to my concerns and provided me options”

After years of being dismissed, and even blamed for being exhausted, Dr. Singh listened to me. He asked the right questions, and was able to provide a path towards answers. Learning that there is a reason for my exhaustion — and all that goes with it– has been life-changing. It isn’t easy to cope with, but Dr. Singh has listened to each of my concerns and provided me with options for care. His staff is kind and considerate, and I have always felt supported

Diana R.

“I cannot thank them enough for the care”

Dr. Singh and his staff are exceptional and I cannot thank them enough for the care they have provided me. Dr. Singh has helped me to manage my sleep disorder successfully after an extremely difficult 3 year struggle with my health and sleep; his care and treatment has improved my sleep, quality of life and overall health for the better.


“Never feel rushed during my appointment”

Dr. Navjot Grewal works with Dr. Singh in San Ramon for my sleep issues …he is so awesome and the best of the best like Dr. Singh.  I appreciate how I never feel rushed during my appt.  They listen attentively, explain things to me and address all my concerns.  I love going to my appointment to visit them and the office staff always make me feel at home. You guys are the best of the best and thank you for being there for me.

Shinta A.

“Finally, a practice that understands”

After completing an initial consultation with their sleep experts, I booked an appointment to find clarity for my condition. I was pleasantly surprised with the large variety of diagnostic tests and services available. Finally, a practice that understands. The sleep experts have helped me find relief after years of searching. 

John W.

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