Allergy Testing

Untreated allergies can produce symptoms that would inhibit your airway when you sleep (stuffy nose, etc). Patients who need PAP therapy often acclimate to this therapy better if their allergies are well controlled.

Link to skin testing information from the ACAAI:

Office flow:

  • We do an initial benefits investigation and our team will contact you to give the benefits breakdown
    • Self pay options available
  • Patients stop taking allergy medications and antihistamines 5 days before their allergy testing appointment
  • When you arrive, you will fill out a consent form, pay your out of pocket portion, and will be taken to the testing room by a medical assistant
  • We conduct a skin prick (or percutaneous) test to 100 different antigens. These antigens consist of various animals, trees, weeds, grasses, molds, and foods. 
    • Full list of items we test for available upon request
    • We do not do intradermal testing. There are no needles or injections involved. The prick test does not draw blood and it does not cause significant discomfort to the patient. We utilize a device that puts on 10 antigens at a time so the application of all 100 antigens is quick. Patients report only a mild, momentary discomfort
  • Patient waits 20 minutes to let the antigens react on the patient’s skin
    • We check on you after 10 minutes but we are close by in case you need  any assistance
    • If a patient is allergic the reaction is similar to that of a mosquito bite (histamine triple response – raised, red, and itchy)
  • We measure the size of the raised area and the corresponding redness around each antigen spot
  • We apply hydrocortisone cream over the test sites to soothe the itchiness and minimize the reactions.
  • The provider interprets the results and formulates a treatment plan. The patient schedules a follow-up visit to review the findings and the treatment options.
    • Some patients decide to go with sublingual immunotherapy (information listed below)
  • Sublingual immunotherapy company that we utilize: