Treatment Options

While most people think of a CPAP machine when they think of sleep therapy, there is a wide variety of options available. At Sleep Medicine Specialists of California, we offer sleep solutions tailored to each individual patient. Below you’ll see a few of the options we have available and we look forward to helping to navigate the possibilities.

Oral Appliance:

We offer oral appliance fittings in our San Ramon office for the Somnoguard AP2 and Somnoguard SPX.

Travel CPAP:

For those patients who are constantly on the go, we offer the ResMed AirMini as a compact travel CPAP.

Alpha Stim:

For those patients struggling with Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression or Chronic Pain we offer the Alpha Stim AID and Alpha Stim M device.


A small implantable device that treats moderate to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea.


A breakthrough implantable system that helps to treat severe Central Sleep Apnea.


iNAP One sleep therapy system utilizes oral negative pressure technology to treat obstructive sleep apnea patients.


A daytime therapeutic device for patients with mild OSA and snoring.

Speciality Medications (Xyrem, Xywav, Wakix, Hetlioz, etc):

For our patients struggling with Narcolepsy, Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, or Circadian Rhythm Disorders we offer streamlined enrollment to begin the specialty medication that will get you back on track.

Treatment can be life-changing. To learn more about any of these therapeutic options,
schedule an appointment with one of our sleep medicine specialists.